Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise of metal smelting and refractory manufacturing, which was set up in 2006. It is located in the famous “Liaoxi Corridor” in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, which has a superior geographical position and is a transportation hub connecting Northeast China and North China.

        Highway and railway transportation here are convenient, with excellent sea transportation condition.

        Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. takes serving the country through industry and benefits the people's livelihood as its duty, Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. always focus on independent research and development, it has become a company which standing on its feet in China, and expand its horizons to the whole world.

        Today, Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading industrial company integrating metallurgical technology, new metallurgical materials and new refractory materials research, development, production, sales and service. The core technology has independent intellectual property rights.

        The company's business scope includes FeTi 70,FeTi 40,FeTi 30, ferro-titanium powder, ferro-titanium ball, FeTi cored wire and unshaped refractory products, etc.

        The Hi-Ti, Medium-Ti and Low-Ti ferro-titanium are mainly used by steel factories which had been sold to all over the world. They are the raw and auxiliary materials for special steel production, and also the special additives for the production of flux cored wire. The refractory products are mainly used in ladle, tundish, iron runner of blast furnace and rotary kiln, etc.

        With strong brand strength and advanced strategic vision, Jinzhou Guotai Industry has grasped the opportunities and challenges all the time, and is committed to building Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. into an international top supplier of metallurgical materials and refractory materials, building a global marketing network and delivering the high-quality products and services to customers.

        At present, Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 100 customers in China and across the world and its products are exported to many countries in Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia.

        Science and technology innovation is the gene of Guotai people, and it is the power flows in our blood. In the journey to the leader of metal smelting and refractory technology, Guotai take the vows of constantly introducing original technology, helping China's manufacturing industry development, restructuring scientific and technological development, and constantly leave a mark belonging to Jinzhou Guotai people in the history of metal smelting and refractory development.

        It is the power of science and technology that inspires the miracles. Guotai people have created a new type of refractory material, breaking through the restrictions of alloy smelting, making work safer and easier, and have created an automated technological process to make production more efficient and stable.

        It is our unswerving pursuit to provide customers with high quality products and create higher value.

        It is a technological change that makes Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. have more far-reaching and lasting vitality and more competitive.

        We are committed to technological innovation, further improve productivity, and continue to produce alloy products and refractory products with high quality and low price.

        Protect the natural and green growth, abide by the promise of green hills and clear waters, Jinzhou Guotai people constantly explore and apply advanced environmental protection technologies and equipment to protect our homeland.

        Strive is the starting point of its voyage. Climbing is a brilliant witness to it. Struggle is the horn of its advancement. Innovation is the continuation of its dreams!

        The wise man opened up a future, and the Guotai people have worked hard and stood proudly in the forefront of the same industry with wise vision, foresight and sagacity after being hit by the wind and rain.

        Jinzhou Guotai Industrial Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of “honesty, standardization, innovation, cooperation and win-win”, has written a history of enterprise struggle from having nothing to having something, from weak to strong, and blazed its way forward through all the difficulties, trials and hardships in this rapidly changing era with passion and glory!

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